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Maury C. Moose and The Forest Noel is now available in paperback format!

Maury C Moose Book 3D

Maury C. Moose and The Forest Noel is for sale and guess what??

On, you get to pick the price!

That’s right, you can buy the book for whatever you want!

As I stated in my Kickstarter video, I wrote this book because I want to encourage kids and parents to read together. I found it hard to put a price on that.

I thought about just giving it away for free, but as Pay What You Want guru Tom Morkes says, just because you can get free samples at Costco, doesn’t mean that you actually like what you are getting and want more!

I want to make this book as accessible as possible. At the same time I also don’t want to lose all my money.

That’s where you come in. Just click the button below and you get to pick the price of the book and pay what you think is fair.

The book will retail for $10, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay $10.

So whether you want to buy me a $0.99 Slurpee, a $5 footlong, $100 worth of pretzel bread or anything in between or beyond, it’s totally up to you! Because PayPal dictates that you must put in some value, you will have to at least pay $0.01. But I bet if you look around long enough you can find a penny on the street to make up for it.

I will charge $5 (per book) for shipping just to make sure that the book gets to you in one piece.

I appreciate whatever price you are willing to pay.

Click Here to Order Button Red

Want the eBook? You can get that here too for whatever you want to pay!

Book on iPad copy

Click Here to Order Button

**Please note, my eCommerce platform for the eBook is located in Australia so depending on your credit card fees, international fees may apply.

I know this probably seems different and might be a little confusing. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about why I am selling my book for whatever anyone wants to pay. Just send me an email at and I would love to hear more about what you think of Pay What You Want Pricing.


7 thoughts on “Buy The Book

  1. Keith Lee December 19, 2013 at 6:34 am Reply

    Adam, nice to hear that you finished the project. I will let Mr. Vogt know about it. Good luck in distribution. Merry Christmas.

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