Announcing A Forest Noel ChrisMoose Album

The gang at Forest Noel has created the first ever ChrisMoose Album! Starting tomorrow we will be releasing the lyrics from 9 hit ChrisMoose songs. We will release one song per day from Dec 15-23. That will give you enough time to memorize the lyrics and go caroling this Holiday season

If you love Christmas music, then you will really love ChrisMoose music!! Check out the track list below.


ChrisMoose Music CD 1


A Forest Noel ChrisMoose Album

Track #1All I Want For Christmas is Moose

Track #2Jingle Bell Block

Track #3I Want A Stinky Pile of Pus For Christmas

Track #4I Want A Book About a Moose For Christmas

Track #5All I Want For ChrisMoose is My Maury C.

Track #6I’m Dreaming of a Bright ChrisMoose

Track #7You’re a Mean One Mr. G.R. Inchworm

Track #8Have Yourself A Maury Litttle ChrisMoose

Track #9We Wish You A Maury ChrisMoose

ChrisMoose cassette copy

*Disclaimer: Not actually available on CD or cassette, but those images make you want one, huh?


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